Cultural Understanding and Relationships

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East and West
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Culture is the great divide that separates most people in any aspect of life. This gap is more noticeable when it comes to differentiating Western and Asian culture: studying, money, friendship, and business. This is even more evident with dating and relationships. A lot of Asian dating websites have a tendency to focus only on how to date Asians. They do not focus on what the differences are. Familiarizing yourself with these distinctions help in navigating in the complicated dating scene, especially when cultural differences come into play.

The differences are shown in three aspects of relationship-building.


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When it comes to dating, Western people have a different perspective from Asians. For instance, Taiwanese culture’s concept of dating is grounded on a conservative stance. They see it as the staging ground for pursuing a serious, long-term relationship.

Whereas dating in a Western context is often an opportunity to have fun and meet new people. Meaning that it’s not uncommon for them to go out with a lot of people every week until they even seek a committed relationship.


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Same goes for Asians’ attitude towards love. More often than not, Eastern love is mute. Expressing love for, let’s say, the Chinese, is driven by action. They don’t feel the need to say how they feel when what they do can show it better.

That comes into direct conflict with how Western culture declares love. They are vocal about it. They want the world to know, so they say it loud and proud, complete with public gestures. One good example is with a bouquet of flowers and a Facebook relationship status post set to Public.



When it comes to marriage, Asians are stereotyped that they marry for reasons other than love. That’s not true; they do believe in love. They are just practical in their approach to finding The One. They take a lot of factors into consideration before making a decision but still trust their feelings. It’s more of thinking before leaping, so they come off as being picky.

On the other hand, Western relationships are known for being immediate and intense. They wear their heart on their sleeves. They want an instant connection. Which is why they date a lot; they are just looking for that spark. Now that doesn’t mean they just jump at every date, they just don’t want to miss out on a possibility. Idealistic and romantic love is a great driver for most of their relationships.

Asian weddings are different from Western weddings. Asian weddings incorporate the traditions of their culture, from how the ceremony is done, to superstitions, to even how the entourage would dress up. And more often than not, there are a lot of friends and relatives, sometimes coming all the way from other countries. Western weddings have a reputation for being big and grand as well. Although, a lot of them prefer a more intimate setting. Just a small group of family and friends in a quaint chapel. Some even do the courthouse marriage. And in more… excited and “romantic” moods, they go to one of those walk-in chapels where it’s done in a few minutes.


Knowing the differences can help identify how strong a particular culture has influenced your potential partner. Are they completely Westernized or traditionally Asian? Maybe somewhere in between? Knowing makes it easier to understand them and you can move along with them, in the speed that they would want to. So you won’t pressure them at all. Ask a friend to play matchmaker also.


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