How to Be Fun During a Date

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When you go out with someone for the first few times, you don’t aim for spectacular and meaningful. The best you can hope for is fun. Fun makes you memorable and makes the other person open to seeing you again.

Being a fun date isn’t that simple, though, because people tend to over-complicate it. Most online dating apps will teach people how to “create” the fun. Sure, that might help but the advice will not always work for everyone and may seem forced.

So, how does one become a fun date? It’s not always making the other person burst into roaring laughter every five minutes. It’s not about making them smile ‘til it hurts. In simple terms, a fun date is something that makes both of you feel great and comfortable. You could be out for dinner or on a trek. If it feels right, then it’s fun.

Here are things you should remember to make your date fun:

Don’t Force It

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Fun should come naturally, and it’s obvious when it isn’t. Everyone keeps saying to be yourself. Cliche as it is, it’s true! It’s all about doing what feels comfortable. Stressing on an activity is easily noticeable, and your date will feel awkward. Don’t try too hard to be engaging and entertaining. Faking enthusiasm bleeds out into the open, and that will kill the moment.

Never listen to people when they say “put your game face on.” Just be who you are when you’re with friends. Most likely how you are with good friends is your best version, and that’s who your date should see. Just let it happen.

Do Something Fun For Both of You

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Doing something fun is subjective. What may be fun for you, might be the opposite for your date, and vice versa. Try finding out what their interests are and what they love. If it’s the same as yours, then that makes it easy.

But if they’re different from yours, find a happy medium. Compare their interests to something you’d find enjoyable, or activities that you would be comfortable with. You should find ways to make it fun for your date, but you should also think of yourself.

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t force the fun for the both of you.

Don’t Forget to Relax

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Relax. People have a tendency to be stressed out on a date. They worry about what to and what not to say or do. All that over-thinking is obvious and might throw a monkey wrench on the date.

A good way to keep yourself relaxed is to think of five things you are thankful for, whenever you feel like you’re about to ramble or go silent. Opening a topic about those five things encourages them to share the same thing. That gives an opportunity to know your date better and even become closer.


The key for a fun time is not to focus on the fun. Just let good things happen and let the fun flow as it should. Remember that you are there for yourself, not just your date. When you are enjoying your date, your date will feel it, and that will lead to an engaging conversation. Know what your partner likes. As opposed to the advice given by other Asian dating websites, there are no checklists, guidelines, and technical lists on having fun. Fun is fun, and you should let it grow. Don’t forget to get the help of a friend to play wingman.

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