5 Best Ways to Break the Ice

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Ways to Break the Ice
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First dates don’t usually go as smoothly as portrayed in scenes from your favorite chick flicks and romantic comedies. The truth is, most of them consist of awkward conversations and stuttering. But don’t worry, that’s pretty normal. Not anyone can be like Jerry Maguire, who can get a girl to say “You had at me hello” in the first phase of the relationship. This is according to some of the dating apps.

Don’t worry; you can do something to turn your first date into a pleasant experience by breaking the ice. Here are five icebreaker techniques for you and your date to come out of your shells and enjoy each other’s company.

1. Admit you’re nervous.

Admit you’re nervous
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There’s nothing wrong about being honest with your date. If you’re nervous, go ahead and tell your date because there is a big chance that they’re feeling the same way too. Admitting your real feelings can ease up the tension and break the awkward silence between the two of you.

2. Be funny and have fun.

Be funny and have fun.
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In a survey conducted by Men’s Health, 77 percent of 1,000 women ranked sense of humor as the top characteristic they want in a man, beating out intelligence, generosity, and even confidence. Try and let your natural wit come out in your conversation. As they say, men with a sharp wit and a winning sense of humor are usually the most confident.

3. Find common interests.

Find common interests.
Photo Source: http://www.wowdate.co.uk

If you two are stuck in an awkward conversation and have a hard time finding a topic, try to find a common ground. Perhaps both of you are fans of “Game of Thrones,” or you two coincidentally have read the same book. There are plenty of topics to explore, just be brave and start the conversation.

4. Two-way conversation is a must.

Two-way conversation is a must
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Most people make the mistake of talking too much about themselves during a first date. Try to avoid this; let the conversation flow between the two of you. Listen intently to what your date is saying. Fill the gap on the conversations, and let it flow naturally. Talk as if you’re catching up with an old friend you accidentally bumped into on the street.

5. Try your best to be comfortable.

Try your best to be comfortable
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Everyone has gone through first date jitters. It’s normal. The trick is to be comfortable. Relax your shoulders and smile. Be confident, because confidence is the key to striking up a conversation with someone.

Lastly, don’t be scared to make the first move and break the ice. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or overthink the situation. Be honest and be yourself. Enjoy the date and do your best to make it a pleasant experience for your date. Who knows, he or she might ask you for another date! Don’t forget to enlist the help of a friend to play wingman.

Know more ice breakers? Feel free to share below!

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