Meeting New People Online

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Meeting New People Online

Even with all the dating apps and websites out there, there is still a stigma attached to it. People are still embarrassed, or at least, apprehensive to admit that they met their date online. This is more typical for individuals who aren’t as extroverted as others. The lingering shame is still there. Not many people would want to admit that they met on an online dating app.

Why does this happen?

Feeling of shyness

The lingering shame that people feel when they tell their friends that they met someone on a dating site is not their fault. They were conditioned to feel this way. Romantic movies and TV shows always shove the idea that the best love and relationships are the ones that happen when people meet in extraordinary circumstances.

That places more importance on where you meet someone instead of who you met.

This sets you up for disappointment. You romanticize aspects of your potential partner that doesn’t directly affect them. This also makes you miss out on possible great people by ignoring encounters that aren’t “romantic” enough.

Why shouldn’t you be embarrassed about it?

plant growing in between planks

There is nothing wrong with meeting people online. You found someone in a place that is looking for the same thing as you. An environment that is geared for what you want guarantees better chances for you. What’s wrong with that?

Couples have better chances at a lasting relationship if they have a lot in common. That’s the beauty of meeting people online: you can easily find people who have similarities with you, which is a great foundation for a possible relationship.

The New Normal

People are now more open to using online dating as a way to meet someone. Busy professionals don’t have a lot of time to run through the gauntlet of dates with no guarantee of compatibility. Picking someone out in a bar is taking a shot in the dark. Online dating not only makes it easier to find someone that is compatible with you but finding a date online feels natural to millennials who are already comfortable using technology to communicate.

As social media and smartphones make communication less complicated each year, people are getting less and less put off with the idea. It’s already a socially accepted norm.

What’s next?

Keyboard Love

Let’s say you haven’t done online dating or used it in a long time. What are you supposed to do to hit the ground running? Enlist the help of a friend to play wingman.

First off, let your friends know that you will be using online dating. That will help you get that awkwardness (that may or may not be there) out of the way. And once you tell them, have them help you make your profile. They would be the best people to help you craft a profile that is hopefully not too cocky or too self-deprecating.

Also, the biggest mistake you can make when using online dating sites is flaky about it. Using it on and off again is a big no-no. You interact with more people, and maybe the person for you hasn’t signed up, but soon will. You can also hone your conversation skills; you can come up with more topics quicker. You just have to keep at it.


Success in finding a great partner is up to you. Most Asian dating websites will guarantee success without knowing who you are or what you look for; that might present more issues than benefits. Learn to be pickier and more discerning. It can be useful for picking partners overall.

One last thing, keep your expectations in check. Online dating will most likely not net you The One immediately. It will take time, but it’ll be worth it.

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