Maintaining the Momentum of Dating

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Maintaining the Momentum of Dating

One of the best things to look forward to when you’re dating is when you and your date decide to see each other regularly. That’s one step closer to making it a relationship but it’s also the time when you could most likely lose that opportunity. Move too fast and you might scare the other person away. Move too slow and that might make the other person think that you are happy where you are. Online dating websites make it a point to teach you how to start dating and keeping relationships; now we will show you to manage what’s in between.

You can lose steam in the dating process for a variety of reasons. Someone can either give too much or receive too much too soon; that may cause someone (either you or your date) to get bored or look for a new thrill.

So how do you keep the interest and momentum up while regularly dating someone?

Complacency is the enemy

When you’re out on a date, always have fun and remember that your date is the focus of it. Always make sure that you do stuff both of you enjoy and avoid repeating the same idea over and over again. You have to maintain the interest, so always change things up. When you start losing enthusiasm and interest, it’s terribly obvious.

Keep the mystery

Believe it or not, people are more thankful for a mystery than an answer. Make enigma one of your best accessories while on a date; it will keep them interested and wanting to know more. On the flipside, you shouldn’t be so tight-lipped. There are things you can freely let the other person know. Being too secretive might make them think that you are averse to them.

Keep your life outside going

A person with a busy schedule is an interesting person, especially if that person still manages to make time to see their date. Let the other person know enough about your life to give them some security that you’re not playing the field. Just make sure that you maintain your routine to have some semblance of individuality, which is always important.

Learn to keep yourself the way you are

You have to keep your independence and individuality. Even if you fall in love, or at least, enjoy the company of your date, you shouldn’t let them be their center of your universe. Nor should you allow them to do the same for you. That can be suffocating for some people and might cause people to run away as far as possible. Also, having a life outside of your date guarantees that you will always bring in something new for them whenever you do see each other. Keep the uniqueness that made you get this far.

Know when to do IT

Desire is powerful, but desire is also fleeting. Keeping sex off the table in the early stages works to filter out those that are interested in just a physical relationship. Not that being liberated and free-spirited is wrong but if you are looking for something long term, this is something to consider. Use desire as a way to keep the interest up. Building up the tension would be an effective way to make things intense and passionate. Do it when you know both of you are on the same page and want it for the same reasons.

Make long term plans

Don’t ask them to buy a house with you; that’s too much. Ask them to go on vacation with you instead. Start small and simple. Expressing what you want to do in the future with your date lets them know that you are serious and also want to be involved with them. It’s an opportunity to work as a unit. Making short-term plans also gives you both something to look forward to in the immediate future, with each other.

Find time for each other

A lot of people looking for love are also at the point in their lives where they have to focus professionally. You shouldn’t make your work suffer for love nor should you ignore a chance at love for your career. Give time to your date; even a few hours a week would matter a lot. Finding a way to be together amidst your busy schedules will strengthen your bond together.


Talking is what made you closer, and you will keep that connection if you never lose interest in doing that with your date. You never run out of things to say; there are thousands of questions to ask, there are millions of stories to tell. How well a couple communicates makes all the difference on how long and well they will fare.


Aside from talking, you should also be listening to each other. There is a huge difference between listening and hearing. You can learn a lot from your date just by listening. Hearing is just an act of patronizing the other person. Listen to their needs, their feelings, their expectations. If you learn to listen to all of this and not just hear, you both will go far as a couple.


Keeping the momentum in this period of possible transition to a relationship is a balancing act. You have to temper what you do, avoiding to do it too little or too much. Learning to understand your partner’s wants and needs while letting them know yours will make everything easier. As other Asian dating websites will tell you, always be ready and be open to challenges. That’s the best way to rise above where you are and possibly find The One.

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