Keeping the Romance Alive

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How do you keep the romance fiery after years of being together? This is a question often found in relationship advice blogs. This is because being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you’re always going to be giddily-in-love with your partner. You have to work things out to keep the love burning. Romance can indeed be frustrating at times, but the payoff is worth it.

There is no specific formula on how to keep the romance alive, but here are a few ideas!

Never Forget the Firsts


A huge part of a relationship is making sure that you never take each other for granted. Sometimes, we get so used to having that person by our side that we tend to forget to make them feel special. When was the last time you talked about your relationship? Do you even remember how the two of you first met? What was your first date and your first kiss like? Invite her to a romantic dinner and reminisce. Let her feel that you haven’t forgotten those special moments. I bet she will appreciate it and will make her feel that she really matters to you.

Stop It with the TMI

Let’s get one thing straight — sharing too much information doesn’t equal intimacy. There are some things you don’t have to tell each other. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re hiding something, it’s just that even though you’re in a relationship, privacy still matters. Create some minor semblance of mystery between the two of you. Over-familiarization can lead to a sharp decline of romance and sharp incline of boredom. And we all know that boredom is the ultimate romance killer.

Don’t Stop Dating


As I mentioned earlier, it’s important to continuously show your appreciation to your partner. Ask your partner to go out on a date with you every once in awhile to shake things up. Grab dinner and watch a movie. Go skating. Walk around the park. Try something new together. Be spontaneous. Aim for a fun relationship, not a monotonous one.

Give Compliments to Each Other


Couples should not only complement each other, but should also learn the art of complimenting each other. More often than not, compliments are dished out before the relationship happens. Once you start being a couple, these compliments get fewer or worst, they eventually stop. Don’t ever make this mistake.

Always show that you appreciate your partner. Give your partner compliments, just don’t overdo it. Don’t shower your partner with exaggerated praises. Just pay attention to the small things: a new wardrobe or different hairstyle. Never stop making each other feel good.

Find a New Common Ground

There are usually two kinds of couples — those that have many similarities and those who don’t. Regardless of what kind of couple you are, the best way to keep the fire burning is to find something interesting to bond on. It can be something both of you are totally clueless about, and you can learn about it together. Try to discover new things together and have fun.

Like what I mentioned earlier, there is no surefire solution to keep the romance up. But remember to appreciate each other and let the other person know it. As most Asian dating webcsites suggest, be empathetic and enjoy each other’s company.

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