6 Signs You’ve Met “the One”

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Whether it is friends or family, we’ve all met couples that have been together for years. When we ask those couples how they met and how they fell in love, they also seem to know at which point in their relationship they knew they’ve found “the One.”

Those are the kinds of stories that make us believe that the love of your life is just waiting to meet you somewhere.

So you decided to give it a go for yourself. You sign up on  an Asian dating website, and you’re starting to meet people. Suddenly, everything changes when you start talking with this one person. After a few dates, you realize you’ve completely fallen for him/her! But how can you be sure? Here are six signs that you’ve met the One:


Talking to Them Brightens Up Your Day

There’s always that one person that you talk to whenever you’re starting to have a bad day. That person is always prepared (and makes every effort) to make sure you cheer up. If you’ve met the One, this comes naturally to them and you feel it and every time you talk to them about problems.

Sharing Your Hopes and Dreams

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When you’ve met the person you feel you want to spend the rest of your life with, it shows when you start talking to them about your life goals. Telling them about your hopes and dreams give them the impression that you can accomplish those goals when he/she is by your side.

Apologizing for Making Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and when you feel like you’ve messed up somehow, you’re the first one to reach out to apologize. When you meet the One, you feel comfortable about admitting your mistakes; you are not scared to be honest, and you aim for better relationship in the future.


Putting Their Needs First

Couple by a a lake during sunset
Source: pexels.com

When you feel such a strong connection with someone, you want to make sure that that person is always comfortable and happy. You make sacrifices to ensure that they can relax after a hard day’s work or you want to cheer they up whenever they’re feeling down.

Having Fun Together No Matter What

If you’ve met the one, no matter what you do together, you guys are always having fun as a couple. If you enjoy that person’s company, even boring chores like grocery shopping can seem like an adventure.

Being Together in Silence

Source: pexels.com

You can always tell if they need space. Even if you’re right next to each other, some people just want to be left alone, and you’re absolutely comfortable even if you’re sitting together in silence. Respecting each other’s space is a clear sign that you’ve met the One.


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