To maintain a healthy relationship by avoiding common bad habits

5 Bad Habits to Avoid to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

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Relationships are always a work in progress. There’s no one way to tell if it’s going to work or not with the person you’re dating. For most people, it’ll be trial and error all throughout just to find out.

Building a happy relationship with your potential partner can involve some soul-searching and reflection on your part; you better watch out for unhealthy relationships habits. But what are those habits?

We might not even realize that those habits are wrong. Some of us may even say those are normal and others may even see these as cute. To help you keep your relationship happy and healthy, here’s what you need to avoid:

Stop Bringing Up Past Mistakes

There are bad habits that need to be avoided in a healthy relationship

“Keeping score” of each mistake and bringing it up constantly is toxic. When people do this, it’s using past wrongs to justify their own mistakes and shortcomings. When an argument happens and the past is brought up, the current issue is deflected. When this happens, both of you will just feel bad. When you use the past to guilt your partner into feeling sorry for a problem in the present, that’s not healthy at all.

Instead of keeping score, make sure that you discuss issues as they happen. When you get into a relationship with someone you accept them in their entirety, including the past mistakes.

Stop Talking About Issues Passive-Aggressively

Asian couple having an argument in public

Instead of you talking to your partner about your issue with him/her directly, you choose to bring it up passive-aggressively; you leave them scratching their heads on how to please you. That’s not the right way to communicate problems, and it’s toxic for both of you. State your feelings with your partner openly. If you’ve found the right partner, being comfortable expressing yourself should come naturally.

Stop Threatening to Leave

Couple contemplating about their relationship

When your partner has a complaint about you, no matter how big or small the issue, you threaten to leave them. The emotional blackmail creates so much drama. Every minor issue is taken as a commitment issue.

It’s important that partners communicate any negative feelings they have towards one another, but it’s also important to listen to each other’s’ thoughts without threatening to leave over every little mistake.

This habit can take its toll on your partner, and they may eventually be reluctant to be open about their feelings and thoughts. Instead of making the relationship hostile, value the commitment you’ve made.

Stop Excess Jealousy

Couple having an argument in the living room

When your partner gets mad every time you talk, text, or hang out with another person, it’s not healthy for the relationship. It becomes a toxic attempt to control your behavior. This can lead to crazy behavior like checking your partner’s phone when they’re away or hacking into their social media accounts.

That kind of behavior transmits a lack of trust, and it can be demeaning on your end. Instead of doubting, trust your partner. While a little jealousy can be expected along the way, being manipulative is not.

Stop Buying Your Way out of Problem

Couple giving each other gifts

Anytime there’s a major conflict, instead of trying to resolve it through proper communication, you or your partner try to solve the problem by buying each other gifts.

The problem with giving gifts to apologize for a fault is it puts the real problem aside, and nothing really gets resolved. It’s not healthy for either of you, and it’s going to give incentives to make the relationship hostage. Instead of buying your way out of a problem, actually try to solve it through clear communication.

If you’ve noticed a common problem with all these bad habits, it’s the lack of good communication and trust. By knowing and avoiding these bad habits, you can make your relationship with your significant other much healthier and happier. Check Asian dating websites to find out more on maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other.


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