6 Ways to Make a Good Impression on the First Date

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During your search on Asian dating websites, you’ve finally met someone you’re really interested in, and they’ve agreed to go out on a date with you. The first date is always a big deal. It’s going to set the tone for your relationship, whether it’s going to move forward or not.

If you want to make your first date a successful one, making a good impression is key. Here are six ways to do that:

Plan Something You Can Enjoy Together

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Candle-light dinners are nice, but make sure you do more than sit in front of each other during that first date. Plan an activity that you think both of you will enjoy. Take your date to the movies, go to a concert, or take a walk in the park after you guys have eaten.

Do Your Research and Prepare Topics to Talk About

What are your date’s interests? Figure those out and create a list of topics that you can talk about. You can also read the current events and trending topics. This a great way to know what you guys have in common and can help you know each other better.

Leave Personal Problems Out

Your date isn’t your therapist. If you’re going through personal problems, it’s best to keep them to yourself for now. Put your best foot forward. Sharing personal issues too soon can give off the impression that you’re needy.

Work on Your People Skills

If you think that you need to work on your listening and communicating skills, take the time to do so before you go out on that first date. To be able to love, you need to understand others, and for you to be loved, you need to communicate properly. Practice with a friend if you have to and try to get a feel for how you can listen and express yourself better.

Rejection is a Possibility

Not all first dates go according to plan, and for one reason or another, it might not work out in the end. Be ready for this. If it doesn’t work, always remember that this just one more step in your search in finding the one who wants to be with you.

Send the Right Signals that You Want to Go Out Again

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Be assertive and make it clear if you had a great time. Stop wondering and ask your date if they felt the same. Be genuine and say you’d like to meet up again. Call, text, Facebook message, or even email them – just make sure you get the message across!


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