Making the First Move in Online Dating

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If you’re using Asian dating websites to look for the love your life, then you know how hard it can be sometimes to make the first move. That initial message can set the tone for future conversations online and even when you start seeing each other. Before you send that nerve-wracking first message, you have to be ready.

What you see is what you get in online dating websites, so a good way to start things off is by making sure your profile is nice and neat with just the right amount of tidbits about yourself, and of course, the all-important profile picture.

Once that’s all settled, here’s what you need to do to make the right first move:


Make Sure You’re Spelling Correctly

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Incorrect spelling is one of the biggest turnoffs for anyone. Sending the first message that is filled with misspelled words creates a bad impression of you. Sending messages using the correct grammar conveys confidence. And in online dating, confidence is a huge factor.


Find a Creative Hook

People that date online are used to getting messages all the time. If you send a message, why should they bother reading it? Because you’re an exciting, creative person, that’s why. Think of something that interests you and say it to the person you’re interested in a creative way.

People who send a message like “Hi” or “I like you” can’t possibly be getting replies. Those openers sound so boring and generic. On the other hand, when you ask questions like, “Do you prefer beer or wine?” or “Do you think pizza is better than tacos?” gives the person you’re messaging an idea of what you’re interested in. If they’re into you, then you could be looking at a date in the near future.


Don’t Mention the Person’s Looks

In your first message, under no circumstance do you comment on the person’s looks. It gives off the impression that you’re in it just for appearances, and that can be a major turn off. Instead of telling them they look handsome or pretty, try something with a curious tone like “there’s something about your profile that intrigues me” or “you seem like you’re cool.”

This kind of messaging makes the person you’re messaging curious about you, and when you create that kind of interest, there’s bound to be more conversations very soon.


Keep The Conversation Going!


Now that you got that person’s attention with your creative opener, all you have to do is keep the conversation going and set up that first date! Find out about their interests, tell them more about you who are and what you’re into. Find out about their interests, tell them more about you who are and your interests.


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