The first date sets the tone for future meetups and being at your best matters

Looking Your Best for the First Date

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The first date is all about first impressions as we’ve mentioned in a previous article. One of the ways you can impress the date you met through Asian dating websites is by looking your best. And by looking your best, we mean the way you dress should make you look prim and proper while exuding confidence and your ability to take care of yourself.

How do you make sure you look your best? Here are a few tips that you can try:

Make Sure You’re Nice and Clean

Skin cleansers are a big help because they can make sure your face is oil and dirt free. If you have trouble with dry skin, you can try using moisturizing facial soap instead of just your bath soap.

Rubbing yourself down after a bath in warm water can irritate your skin. Pat yourself dry instead of rubbing. Don’t forget to cut your nails too!

Dress for Success

Man adjusting his tie before a date.

Wearing the right clothes can make your feel comfortable and boost your confidence. Depending on where you plan to take your date, you should dress accordingly. Overdressing might make you look like a snob. Underdressing might give out bad signals like you’re not taking things seriously enough.

If you’re not sure, ask! If you’re going out to a fancy restaurant, ask the place about their dress code.

Now that you know how you should dress, time to find clothes that fit you. Wear something that will match your skin tone. There should also be color contrasts in your clothes, but those hues shouldn’t clash. Another thing to consider about clothes is if it fits your body type; make sure everything fits right. Lastly, make sure your threads are presentable! They should have a pleasing fragrance, and they shouldn’t have any tears or missing buttons.  

Take Care of Your Crowning Glory

Your hair is your crowning glory. Styling it to match your look is a big deal. Before you apply any gel or cream, make sure your hair is dry first. You can also opt to have a haircut before the big night and make sure that the new style will complement your face. Also, make sure facial hair looks tidy. If you think your date would prefer a clean shave, do so.

Brush those Pearly Whites


Bad breath is simply unattractive. Brush your teeth before your date so you can have the confidence to speak and smile! Simple!

Be Comfortable with Your Look

In following these tips, the most important thing to remember is to make sure you’re being yourself. The picture of confidence is looking good, feeling good, and being comfortable with who you are. Confidence is attractive!


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