Tips for Great Conversations on the First Date

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So you’ve finally managed to ask the person you met on Asian dating websites out on a date. Now that moment has arrived, you find yourself not knowing what to say! Oh, the horror. Nothing is more awkward than meeting someone for the first time and not knowing what to say.

But luckily, we can offer you a few tips that can make sure you keep the conversation going with your date. Here’s what you can do:

Listen to Your Date

woman on a date in a conversation

Communication is always a two-way process. If you happen to have a lot of stories to tell, make sure you can listen as much when your date starts to open up. Communication is an exchange of ideas between two people, and your ability to listen will ensure that you can keep the conversation going.

Start with Small Talk

couple dating walking on a bridge

Getting to know someone new is about taking baby steps first before you start running. Before you get into the deep and meaningful talk, you have to warm up first. Don’t be too eager to start with that because it might look like you’re becoming too personal too soon. There’s a lot of time to get to that, so there’s no need to rush.

Don’t Talk About Anything Heavy too Soon

As we’ve mentioned in the article about making a good impression, talking about over-emotional or personal topics too soon is a big no-no. It can reveal too much too soon, and that’s not okay, especially if things don’t work out in the end. It can also make you feel a false sense of intimacy, making you look insecure to your date.

Genuine Interest Shows!

Some questions can elicit fun responses, and that can make you and your date curious about one another. If your partner is showing signs that he/she interested, you’re definitely going to take notice. You can try asking these questions:

  •         What are the things you do to relax or enjoy?
  •         What’s your favorite movie?
  •         What kind of music do you listen to?
  •         Where’d you go to school?
  •         What did you major in and why?
  •         What did you want to be when you were growing up?
  •         What are your goals in life now?

With these tips in hand, we hope for your ultimate success on your first date. Good luck!


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