How You Should Act After the First Date

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So you’re date with the person you met on Asian dating websites went well, fantastic even. But what happens now? Should you play it cool? Should you let them know immediately that you had a good time? How should you talk to them? Fortunately, we can provide you with a few tips that can help you secure that much awaited second encounter. Here’s what you should do for the mean time:

Don’t Rush Things


Rushing into things is never good especially if you’ve only been on one date. Before taking any serious actions, make sure you reflect on the first date. If it was especially fun, it might be clouding your judgment on what to do next. Instead, a little distance from your date might be more productive. You really feel happy about the time you spent together, try talking to a good friend about it.

If You Want to Get in Touch, Then Do It

So the first date is done, and you find yourself at work. But the problem is you can’t concentrate. You’re torn whether you should send a text or call. If you’re having trouble deciding, then just do it. It’s perfectly natural to want to get in touch. The important thing here is, if you feel something genuine then show it. By waiting too long, it might make it look like you’re just playing games.

Don’t Take Too Long to Get in Touch


So now you decided to get in touch, you start thinking, when is the right time? Well, it’s  not an exact science whether you should only get in contact after three days, you should still leave some time before resuming contact so that you don’t look over-eager. After the date, you can text them that you had a great time, then after that wait a few days before you start getting in touch again.

Relax if There’s No Reply

So you finally send that text message, but no response. What now? Well, it’s important that you relax. Dating, after all, is hit or miss. Maybe that person just hasn’t read your message yet or checked their voice mail. They could also be busy with work. Perhaps (the news you fear most), they’re just not interested. It’s okay. Nothing is set in stone, you can always try dating others!

No Grand Gestures For the Meantime

So they finally reply to your text, what now? Are you thinking to send over roses or buying expensive jewelry to invite that person to a second date? Stop right there. You could intimidate the person. Stick with something simple like an email, text, or mentioning another date. Those are ways you can convey your interest for a second date personally without appearing too intrusive.


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