What You Should Do on The Second Date

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The first date is also about getting to know each other. During the first, you might find yourselves at a restaurant having dinner and engaging in small talk. If you met your date through Asian dating websites, first dates are usually set for a particular amount of time; just enough for the couple to tell if they’d really like to get to know each other.

Fortunately, your first date with your online date went really well, and you can tell that the feeling is completely mutual. You feel a strong sense of attraction to this person, and you would absolutely love it if both of you can see each other again. So you guys set a second date. Cool, but now what? Let us give you a few second date tips that can help you change your relationship status from looking around to exclusively dating.

You Should Try Something Different

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If you guys just went out for dinner on first date, try to mix things up. How about lunch and a movie this time around? Or how about going to that basketball game then going to dinner? Trying something different helps keep your date interested and surprised.

Go to the Venue Together

Usually, couples on a first date meet in the place directly, but during the second, you can suggest that you guys go together. You can try walking to the venue together, or you can pick them up somewhere then head to wear you guys plan to go. Just remember, don’t be late!

Talk About Your First Date

Did you have fun on your first date? Now’s the perfect time to tell them! Mention those happy moments and those awkward little mistakes. This can help your date remember how good the first date was and can help rebuild your connection.

Ask the Questions You Didn’t Ask on the First Date

Of course, you had questions that you were too embarrassed to ask the first time. Now that you know them a little bit better, you can ask questions should anything from the first date need clarifying.

Don’t Set Expectations Too High

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You kissed him or her on the cheek when you parted ways after the first date, but that doesn’t give you the license to assume it’s okay to do so again this time around. Take things slow, and things will unfold naturally.

End the Date on a Good Note

Talk about your common interests and recent activities without getting too personal. Before you guys part ways again, remember to always be truthful. Tell them if you’re going to miss them!


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