Tips for Your First Time Online Dating

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There was a time when dating online was reserved for the “desperate.” Nowadays, that label is all in the past, as made evident by the increasing popularity of online dating, especially with the younger generations. So it’s time you get started!

Think of your current dating situation like you’re in a lake. All your catches will only come from that lake. Asian dating websites will take you further by putting you in an ocean of potential matches. But of course, you hear stories. Stories of how one or two friends tried it for themselves and found the results less than satisfactory. So to allay your fears of the big, wide online dating world, here are a few tips that will help you get started:

Be Open-Minded

Dating websites are going to ask you about yourself so that the site’s algorithm can help match you with other people that share your hobbies, taste in music, etc. However, every now and then you can be matched with someone who’s opposite to what you like. But opposites can attract right? Keep an open mind.

Don’t Be Judgmental

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People judge each other based on their interests. Sometimes you like rock and roll, other times you like heavy metal. You might like watching soap operas, other times you’ll watch a good horror film. It’s that kind of duality that makes people interesting, so don’t judge!

Do Some Investigating

So you’ve met someone online, and you strike up the courage to ask them out. They say “yes,” now what? What you can do is briefly find out about your date’s background first if that will make you more comfortable about going out with someone you’ve never met before. Don’t go overboard though and try to research every detail about them, just enough for you to know you’re going to meet a real person. Don’t be all creepy-stalky on them. Once you meet up, let them introduce themselves properly.

Don’t be Scared of Rejection

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Online or offline, rejection is a scary thing. There are going to be times when the answer to “Will you go out with me?” is going to be “No.” Dating is a hit or miss thing. Don’t let that stop you from trying online dating, though, given enough time and the number of people you’re going to meet, you’re bound to meet the One!

Don’t Make Assumptions

Some people sign up for online dating websites for different reasons. Some are legitimately looking for a relationship, some are just after casual sex, and some are just looking around. Don’t make assumptions and when in doubt you should ask. Also, you should use your profile as a means to tell people what you’re looking for.

Don’t Worry That You Met Your Match Online

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Sometimes, it can be really hard to forget that just a few years ago, online dating was seen as an option that the truly desperate were willing to try. If you’ve met someone special, does it really matter how you met? If you’ve found happiness through online dating, be thankful that online dating websites brought you and your partner together!


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