How You Can Tell If a Potential Match is Interested

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So you’ve been using Asian dating websites to meet new people. You’ve met someone. You start talking for hours across the week, and you finally meet up for the first time.  After that one date, you start feeling something for this particular match, and you want the relationship to move forward. But are you sure that that person feels the same way?  If you’re uncomfortable with that kind of uncertainty, here are some of the telltale signs that your potential partner is interested in you:

When They Tell You Outright

Couple out on a date.

This is certainly the most obvious way that you’ll find out if your partner is interested in you. If your potential match goes out of their way and admits that they’re starting to have feelings for you, there’s no more room for interpretation, and you can be sure that your relationship can move forward in a serious direction.

They Continue to Ask You Out

You met each other through online dating, and you’ve already gone out on a few dates. Things seem to be going steady. If your match continues to initiate more dates in the future, this could be a clear indicator that they want to spend time with you and are serious about being together in a committed relationship.

They Want to be Involved in Your Future

Engagement rings on the sand.

If your online match is truly interested in a serious relationship with you, they’re going to ask about your future plans. For example, if they are asking about your relationship plans, it could be because they’re worried that you’d still be looking for someone else. Speaking of which…

They Get Jealous When Someone Else is Showing Interest in You

So the match you’re interested in finds out that someone else is trying to make a move on you. They start to feel jealous when they see you talking to that other person. Now jealousy in itself is bad, but it can be an indication that your match cares about you deeply enough that they’d be worried or angry whenever another person tries to make a move on you.

Their Body Language Says So

Woman flicking her hair to the right.

During your dates together, is your match moving in a certain way? Do they keep making eye contact? People can communicate non-verbally. For example, women might flick or toss their hair, and in men, they might try to take up space to draw attention. When people move this way, it can be an indication that they’re interested.


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