Unwritten Online Dating Rules You Should Follow

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The dating game has changed over the past few years, and using Asian dating websites to meet potential partners can be fun and rewarding. With those changes come new rules of engagement. So if you’re new to online dating, here are some of the unwritten rules that you need to know:

Give People Time to Respond

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Once you send that first message, you better give that person enough time to respond. People can be busy with work or other commitments, so it’s advisable to give someone you’re interested in at least 4 hours to answer to your message.

The wait can make people feel anxious, but sending messages that say “Aren’t you interested in me?” or “Hello?” or “???” too soon can be a major turnoff.  Be patient!

Add them on Social Media

After you get a conversation going, ask if you can connect with the person you’re interested in on social media. This a great way to know more about your potential partner’s background before you meet. Of course, stick to finding out just the basic stuff, don’t be a stalker!

Don’t Give Out Your Number Right Away

Once you’ve got to know each other a bit better through message exchanges, you might think it’s time for an exchange of phone numbers as well. Just make sure you’re comfortable enough to do so. You may want to meet the person first before giving out personal information like your phone number.

Get to Know the Person as Much as You Can Before Meeting

Before you send your meetup invitation, make sure that you take the time to know your potential match as much as you can. Ask about their hobbies, interests, or the other details on their dating profile. That way you can make them much more comfortable about agreeing to meet.

Set a Meet Up Within Two Weeks

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Now that your match is comfortable with meeting up, it’s time to find a suitable time that will fit into both of your schedules. Ideally, you want this meetup to happen within two weeks of when you started contacting each other.

If You’re Not Interested, Let the Other Person Know

If someone asks you out and you just don’t feel comfortable meeting that person, then be honest and tell them how you feel. Also, if don’t be afraid to block, report, or unmatch with someone who you aren’t interested in.

Be Honest

Don’t put any false information on your profile. Be honest about the hobbies you like doing, about your age, and especially about your appearance. To meet the right person for you, be true to yourself.

Be Polite

Couple meeting at a diner.
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Just because it’s online, it doesn’t mean you should be rude to anyone. Never say or do anything that you wouldn’t do in person. Have conversations about appropriate topics.

Never Assume

It can be hard to determine if the person you like is starting to like you back, but that’s no excuse to assume anything. Just because you hit it off with someone online doesn’t mean that will translate into anything more. Don’t take anything personally, especially if you get rejected.


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